About One Simple Goal

I created One Simple Goal (OSG) to fulfill a simple yet powerful purpose: to change my life one day at a time. It has been my experience that setting multiple daily goals (or multiple weekly goals without a clear daily focus) leads to disaster. I find that I set myself up with what seems to be reasonable goals with reasonable expectations. But when combined the mass of goals turns into a hulking beast that I am afraid of. By setting and defining a clear, actionable goal for each day, I have the ability to focus on it throughout the day, accomplishing it in a simple way.

How do I set simple daily goals?

Head on over to the Tips section to get some useful info for setting your goals.

Who created OSG?

BJ Neilsen I created OSG during a few late night crunch sessions. I blog (occasionally) and tweet @localshred about ruby, objective-c and other incoherent ramblings about entrepreneurialism.

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