Recent Goals

3688 days ago
localshred Complete a good Bike/Run brick
3693 days ago
bennett.joel get in a short workout and go watch the GI joe badness!
3694 days ago
rexvail finish re-doing locus of control track
3694 days ago
bennett.joel do my hill work out and work on T2 and run 3 miles
3695 days ago
localshred Run 4 miles
3699 days ago
localshred Get my hair cut!
3699 days ago
rexvail setup bluehost
3700 days ago
rexvail get album art on those mp3s
3702 days ago
rexvail okay, REALLY this time, integrate the sounds.
3709 days ago
localshred Get the rand9 blog working with nginx/thin on development
3710 days ago
rexvail give copy of resume to mckay to hand in
3713 days ago
testerz test osg
3717 days ago
nospamdan do some rexvail-itation
3718 days ago
localshred Finish the items on my todo list
3719 days ago
rexvail add bg sounds to intro & guided tracks
3719 days ago
localshred Write a new blog post tonight (about something).
3719 days ago
bennett.joel get in a ride or swim tonight
3720 days ago
rexvail Add bg sounds to all tracks
3721 days ago
eekfuh Get charts rendering via PDFLib for #omniture #sitecatalyst
3721 days ago
rexvail adjust volume for affirmations, already ;)
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