localshred's Recent Goals

3638 days ago
Figure out object (image) animation along a path
3639 days ago
Celebrate that the site is back up!!!
3647 days ago
Get the first design draft for zule completed.
3662 days ago
Do a swim/run brick workout
3667 days ago
Go running with my beautiful wife on the beach!
3675 days ago
Swim 200m without stopping
3682 days ago
Setup zule and rand9 emails through google apps
3690 days ago
Really honestly and truly plant the garden
3691 days ago
Plant garden
3693 days ago
Compost and plant the garden!
3694 days ago
Trim the backyard edges for reals
3695 days ago
Figure out the details for getting compost in the garden this weekend
3696 days ago
Trim the backyard edges
3697 days ago
Clean out the garage.
3698 days ago
Get back on track with OSG!
3704 days ago
Do 30 consecutive pushups baby!
3705 days ago
Really get the interfaces code complete
3708 days ago
Get the subscription interfaces code complete and committed
3709 days ago
Create the business checking account
3710 days ago
Go Running!
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