rexvail's Recent Goals

3162 days ago
"How to create meaningful characters" lesson plan
3163 days ago
Figure out funds for MAED
3166 days ago
just survive this stupid cold
3168 days ago
teach four awesome quotation lessons
3169 days ago
maintain a chill classroom environment
3173 days ago
create test!
3174 days ago
Play with Nix for one whole hour
3175 days ago
document quotations game
3176 days ago
create quotations worksheet
3177 days ago
Come up with way to teach quotation marks
3180 days ago
remove before stress
3181 days ago
meditate before class.
3186 days ago
Create my scorecard once again.
3456 days ago
Design a very simple, beautiful, OSG-like website
3551 days ago
create content packages
3590 days ago
create meditative playlist video
3603 days ago
Get back on OSG-- oh wait... DONE! ;)
3694 days ago
finish re-doing locus of control track
3699 days ago
setup bluehost
3700 days ago
get album art on those mp3s
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