Goal-accomplishing Tips

Why only one goal per day?

By setting one goal per day there are no complex time schedules to figure out. For longer term goals, such as consecutive physical workouts or weight loss, OSG can still apply by allowing you to break your larger goals down to daily increments. In either case, set a goal that you can accomplish within a 24 hour period. Then DO IT . Focus that day on the goal, and accomplish it as best as you know how.

But I really have more than one thing I need to get done today. What can I do?

My wife asked this same question when I first introduced her to OSG. First off: simplify . Ask yourself the following question: "If I accomplished NOTHING ELSE today but one thing, what would that one thing be?" . You should discover that there is really one priority that takes place over everything else, were you to truly be constrained to only have time for one accomplishment. This works remarkably well if you are willing to let the other things be. Often times you will find that once you accomplish your top priority goal for the day, you still have time to accomplish other things. However, don't try to trick yourself into having more than one goal per day in this manner: your mind will know what you're doing and you'll soon find it hard to accomplish everything in one day. Don't cheat yourself!

Action is the key.

Be clear. No matter what goal you set, be clear in your purpose . Leave vague ambition out of it. Something like "I want to be happy tomorrow" won't work because there isn't a defined way to measure your goal (ie, mark it as accomplished or not). Instead, define how you plan on bringing happiness or accomplishment into your life today or tomorrow. Would you like to perform service for an hour? Spend time with a child? Do a physical workout? Define actionable items to accomplish. This is the one true way to measure whether you are "doing" it or not.

Say what you mean, not what you don't.

Say what you will do, not what you don't want to do. Saying something like, "Don't drink coffee tomorrow", is a bad way to form a goal as it places a negative purpose behind the actionable items. How can you perform an action that is designed to have you not perform an action? Instead, define what you will do: "Drink water instead of coffee tomorrow." This allows you to perform an action directly based on the goal you set.

Anything else?

OSG is about building confidence in your ability to do what you say you will do, or to accomplish what you know you needed to accomplish. We'll provide the ability to network with other individuals who are like minded in their goal setting, even allowing you to post your goals publicly to twitter or facebook. Even after all these tools, your usage of this service is completely personal and should empower you to accomplish great things in your life, things that you have so far had difficulty tackling. Just keep it simple, and perform once per day. And just think: If you accomplish one goal per day, you would have accomplished 365 goals in a year, and that is truly amazing!

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